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Lewtonian Leanings?

I figured out how to add a poll!

It’s down there at the bottom of the sidebar.

Building off of yesterday’s post, I was just curious to know how people see Lewton’s RKO series, now that 9 of the 11 are readily available (the two non-horror entries are still AWOL–although I am expecting to view ’em both very soon in avi form).

I’ve already declared my love for The Seventh Victim, which is tops in my book–but here’s the way I’d rank the nine films included in the wonderful 2005 boxed set from Warner Home Video:

1. The Seventh Victim

2. The Curse of the Cat People

3. I Walked With a Zombie

4. Cat People

5. Isle of the Dead

6. The Leopard Man

7. The Ghost Ship

8. The Body Snatcher

9. Bedlam

I’m sure I’ll wind up blogging about most of these eventually. I guess it’s pretty clear that I prefer the earlier, completely under-the-radar films–although even the last two Karloffs (which, as Scorsese points out, move toward a more traditional emphasis upon plotting–and away from the pure atmospherics and intuitive narrative development of projects like Seventh Victim and Curse of the Cat People–both of which are members of my all-time film pantheon, with Zombie, Cat People and Isle of the Dead not far off the pace) are to be cherished.

I’d love to see your Top Nine lists too!

Good afternoon friends!


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