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Fifty…okay, fifty-two

I like the way Wendymoon presented her interesting top 50 at Movie Viewing Girl (divided up into idiosyncratic categories), and I’m going to steal her format here! It’s a wonderful way to declare your judgments and your biases (and man have I got biases!) at the same time!

Disclaimer: if questioned on this matter tomorrow, I might very well come up with a completely different set of films. I’m etching these babies in cyberspace, not in stone.

But now–to the 50 (that’s 52 in Canadian)

Frank Capra:

The Bitter Tea of General Yen

The Miracle Woman

It’s A Wonderful Life

David Lynch:

Mulholland Dr.

Inland Empire

Lost Highway

William Dieterle:

Portrait of Jennie

Love Letters

The Devil and Daniel Webster

Frank Borzage:

Little Man, What Now?


Strange Cargo

Powell & Pressburger:

The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp

The Red Shoes

Black Narcissus

Douglas Sirk:

All That Heaven Allows

Imitation of Life

Written on the Wind

Early Hepburn:

Alice Adams

Stage Door


Preston Sturges:

Christmas in July

Sullivan’s Travels

Martin Scorsese:

After Hours

New York, New York

Val Lewton Productions:

The Seventh Victim

The Curse of the Cat People

Alfred Hitchcock:


Shadow of a Doubt

Nicholas Ray:

They Live By Night

Party Girl

Noir All-sorts

Murder, My Sweet

Out of the Past

Vincente Minnelli:

Meet Me in St. Louis

Some Came Running

Warner Brothers:

I Am a Fugitive From a Chain Gang

Three on a Match

King Vidor:

The Wedding Night

Ruby Gentry

Luis Buñuel:

Abismos de Pasion

Fritz Lang:

Scarlet Street

Marcel Carne:

Le jour se leve

Jean Arthur:

Easy Living

Carl Theodore Dreyer:


Ingmar Bergman:


Leos Carax:

Pola X

Relatively Recent Releases:

Joe Vs the Volcano

Groundhog Day

Punch-Drunk Love

Lost in Translation


Starship Troopers

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