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Just a quick note here to point you in the direction of Shannon Clute and Richard Edwards’ excellent Podcast series–Out of the Past: Investigating Film Noir.

I’m not nearly as interested in defining the style (or in assessing the ways in which various films fit into –as the eloquent authors put it–“the body of film noir”) as these public investigators are, but I love the gusto with which they attack their task.

Lots of interesting stuff in the episodes I’ve listened to thus far: including a debate about Dick Powell’s suitability for the role of Marlowe in Murder, My Sweet (I’m decidedly pro-Powell–he’s my favourite Marlowe); plus great discussions of the ironic aspects of Mate’s D.O.A. (and important information about DVD transfers of this horribly-mistreated masterpiece), Siodmak’s use of mirrors in The Killers, and Huston’s awesome “long takery” in The Maltese Falcon.

very highly recommended!


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